Just Another WordPress Web… Site?

When I first started working with WordPress, I had to fight with people to convince them it was powerful enough to be used as a CMS. Clients lumped it in with Blogger and Posterous as something for amateur bloggers and teenagers with too much time on their hands. Though WordPress may have humble beginnings, I’ve really enjoyed seeing it develop into a much more powerful technology in the past couple of years.

You used to have to “hack” WordPress to make it truly CMS-like, using lots of custom fields, customizing admin panels, and the like. Since WordPress 3.0, much of this has changed. Things like custom taxonomies, post thumbnails (introduced in 2.9) and the new menu manager really take WordPress to the next level, and it all comes right out of the box.

I noticed the default description for a new WordPress site is no longer “Just Another WordPress Web blog” and is now “Another WordPress Site”, a fitting reflection of the direction this grown-up blogging platform is going.

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